Detailed protocol of the Kipling Case Study

Learning objective : A learning to re-call task.

Subject’s task

- Sub-group 1 (21 subjects)
To explore freely the content of the case study in order to acquire a general knowledge about the topic and to be able to answer a post-learning questionnaire regarding what the subject re-called.
- Sub-group 2 (21 subjects)
To navigate through the whole material, but having the constraint of doing, step by step, the 3 specific information-driven tasks prescribed to the subject (following the above protocol).

  1. A first task is related to the poem context, i.e., subjects have to focus on the descriptive text that accompanies each poem (text + illustrations).
  2. A second task is related to the content of the poem, i.e., subjects have to focus on the poem itself, in any of the two languages presented (poetry text).
  3. A third task is related to 1 hypertext access within the poem text (appearing as a hypertext link inside the poem text).

Common instruction to all of the 42 subjects: after having navigated through the whole Kipling Case Study material they have to answer the post-learning questionnaire.

Duration constraint: maximum time allowed is 45 minutes.