Analysis within pages
Using the eye movement parameters, a Within page analysis has been conducted to test the existence of differences in terms of subjects’ behaviour produced by belonging to different experimental groups with a peculiar task. For that reason this kind of analysis as been conducted only for Kipling and Statistics whose subjects were divided in different experimental groups.

Kipling Case Study
The comparison between the task/no task groups give rise to a significant difference in the subjects’ behaviour both for global pages and for RoIs analysis. On the contrary, any significant difference comes out in the comparison among the three subgroups of the task-group. Subjects’ behaviour seems not deeply influenced by the nature of the given task but only by the presence or absence of a specific task.

Statistics Case Study
The Within page analysis for Statistics has been conducted comparing the with/without examples groups. The analysis of the group effect in the pages didn’t show any significant difference between the two conditions. On the other hand, the analysis conducted on the RoIs revealed some sporadic effects that don’t seem to be related with the subjects’ belonging to different experimental groups.