Kipling Case Study

The Kipling Case Study is a combination of textual and visual material dealing with the history of the British Empire in India and with the independence struggles of the Indian Colonies between the end of the XIX and the beginning of the XX century. This historical facts are documented by means of the collections of poems by Kipling “Barrack-room ballads” and of Pratt’s paintings illustrating these poems.

General structure
Kipling Case Study presents a central page where the user departs from. This page corresponds to the index of the material and therefore plays the role of the navigation tool.
Every page presents two outgoing links:

  • One link towards the corresponding painting by Pratt that is represented on the poem initial page by a reduced version of it
  • One link towards the corresponding poem by Kipling

The different pages relative to one single poem/painting therefore constitute a close entity (a unity) and do not communicate with those relative to other poems/paintings. The user has therefore to pass always through the central index in order to move to another section.